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Style. Elegance. Quality. A NICHE Wedding.


Planning your wedding is a daunting task. We are here to make it easy for you. We take the time to listen to your vision and then execute the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Wedding catering is an art unto itself. Unlike corporate events or birthday parties, weddings are meant to be once-in-a-lifetime affairs where everything needs to go just right. That kind of flawless attention to detail may be one of the reasons NICHE Catering helms so many outstanding weddings every year.

Our tradition of service is unrivaled. Unlike other local caterers, we consider communication throughout the planning process to be absolutely crucial to the success of your big day. Consequently, we go the extra mile to ensure all your concerns are heard and implemented.

“Memories that will last a lifetime”

Everyone at NICHE is genuinely passionate about bringing people together to celebrate love and the tradition of marriage. After all, your wedding will always hold a special place in your heart and in the heart of each person in attendance. In one beautiful day, you get to make memories that last a lifetime! The time you spend on that single day with your family and friends enjoying a meal together, telling stories or dancing the night away will stay with you forever. This is why we do what we do. We know our part is very important. Incredible food and amazing service are two things that you and your guests will remember most from your wedding. We also know that it is our job, and our passion, to see to it that stress and worry have no part in any memory of your wedding day.

“Our Focus is on what’s most important to you…”

Your wedding should be the ultimate reflection of your personality. Small and quiet or eccentric and lively? Formal and traditional or casual and trendy? We put you at the center of attention throughout the entire planning process and take the time to get to know you as an individual. What are your likes, dislikes and interests? Building a close relationship with NICHE means you’ll be able to depend on someone who truly “gets” you. Tell us what your dream wedding is. We make it happen. If you want something that you don’t see on one of our menus, please let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate.

“Savory, amazing food and highly attentive service that your guests will love”

On the day of your wedding, NICHE will be on-site to ensure everything runs smoothly and beautifully. From the mouthwatering food and personal to the fully stocked bar and signature cocktails, you’ll know just what to expect – impeccable service with no surprises. The rave reviews and smiles on guests’ faces will speak for themselves!

Enticingly Fresh: NICHE is fully self contained and self-sufficient which allows for complete on-site cooking. This means your cuisine is truly fresh and not prepared off-site, packaged, transported, then “refreshed” at your event. You’re never paying for leftovers with a NICHE wedding – instead you’re paying for high quality, expertly prepared haute cuisine, and NICHE delivers on that commitment every time! When guests enter a NICHE wedding they’re welcomed by the aromas of the freshly prepared food. The smells tickle and entice the senses and ignite the hunger pangs.

” NICHE knows that we only get one shot to Get It Right

NICHE Catering has earned glowing feedback over the years from satisfied customers thanks to our singular ability to solve problems. Whether the day itself changes schedule or an unexpected blackout strikes, chances are we have seen it before–and pulled off a lavish affair nonetheless. Simply put, you won’t find a caterer in Southern Ontario that keeps you in better hands

A Different, Better Approach

Personal Attention

It is our pleasure to create a Unique Menu tailored perfectly for your taste, budget and event. We start by consulting with you in-person or over the phone about your vision and ideas, drawing inspiration from your favorite foods and restaurants, event goals, and personality.

Once we understand your personal goals, tastes and parameters, we create a Custom Proposal for your special event. When you’ve agreed to move forward with NICHE Catering and placed your deposit, the real excitement begins!

Full-service event menus are confirmed through a Private Tasting with our chef. The tasting is an opportunity to preview selections from your event menu and share your preferences. We believe private tastings are essential to providing you with the best service and experience. On event day, you will be relaxed and confident that your guests will receive impeccable service and restaurant-quality cuisine.

10+ Years of Experience Means Trustworthy, Delicious & Innovative Cuisine

When you choose a NICHE Wedding, your food will be prepared from scratch and finished on site at your event to preserve freshness. Our entire staff is trained to properly handle your food, ensuring both safe and phenomenal food that is restaurant quality or better! You’ll even have the opportunity to experience your food prior to the big day — we are one of the few caterers that offers private tastings for your wedding, so there are no surprises about your the food on your wedding day.

We offer a variety of gourmet cuisine and can accommodate any dietary restrictions with style! Presentation is a priority to our chefs and we take great care to select vessels and plate ware that inspire. Fresh, restaurant-inspired cuisine is our passion and it’s our goal to bring creative food to the forefront of each event.

Our Team Makes all the Difference

Food is critical to your wedding, but it is only part of the dining experience. Our Chefs and Service Staff are the best off-site catering professionals in Southern Ontario, dedicated to making your wedding day run smoothly and ensuring the best experience possible for you and your guests. Our team is also experienced catering at many different venues, allowing us to avoid last-minute guessing about where and how to setup.

NICHE's Comprehensive Wedding Catering Services

Our Comprehensive Wedding Catering Services

Weddings and other elaborate events are handled with flair by NICHE. With more than years of off-site experience, NICHE manages all the details from a perfect meal presentation to the fold of the napkin. Here is what the NICHE team can provide for our Wedding couples:


  • Full-course restaurant quality dinner prepared by our highly skilled chefs with your choice of plated, buffet style or family style service.
  • Professional Service Staff dressed in all-black attire
  • Tableware, including: China, flatware and glassware
  • Table Linens in your choice of colour
  • Bar services with complete glassware, barware and fully-stocked bar and smart-serve certified bartenders.
  • Comprehensive Service, including set up, servicing and break down of food services
  • Final Consultation for confirmation of all event details
  • Private Tasting (optional) of menu items with our chef ($25 per person, plus HST. Maximum of 5 guests)


Menu Styles

Find the ‘perfect match’ for your wedding day!

NICHE is proud of the signature selection of menu items we offer – from innovative, Asian-inspired cuisine, to classic favourites, we can skillfully construct delightful meals across a range of culinary genres. We take pride in offering our clients catering with innovative flair, featuring the latest techniques and trend-setting cuisines.

Below are some of the Menu options we offer for your wedding reception:

Hors D’oeuvres & Platters

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Cocktail Receptions

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Plated Menus

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Gourmet Buffets

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Family Style Menus

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Interactive Chef Stations

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Late-night Food Stations

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Whatever your Wedding Catering needs, NICHE is there for you. Whether you have special requirements for religion or for food allergies, or simply if you have a limited budget, our wedding team wants to help you create the wedding of you dreams! Contact us for help creating a fabulous meal that meets your needs and budget. You can even sample some of the suggested items before making your final decision.